julie norris

embody the change that wants to emerge


Dandelion Communitea Cafe, Co-Proprietor & Creative Director
An organic, vegetarian cafe located in the heart of Orlando. An original concept of mine, which I birthed and operated for the first four years with the help of many passionate people. Still very hands on with shaping Dandelion into the best it can be.

Progressive Local Alliance for Community Enrichment (PLACE)
Non-profit organization whose mission is to empower the Ourlando community to co-create a vibrant and sustainable local living economy through authentic creative culture, social equity and environmental harmony. It’s most popular program is the OurLando Indie Business Alliance. Julie was one of three original co-founders who brought this organization to life in Orlando.

Front Porch RadioFounder & On-Air Host
Front Porch Radio is a local talk variety show which spotlights folks who are making a difference in OurLando in the indie music, art, business and eco communities. Find out what the locals are up to and catch some great music by local favorites every Wednesday.

GaiaMama, Blogger
This personal blog chronicles Julie’s journey to motherhood and features a slideshow of her painless birth to her daughter, Maya. Features her insights into birth, motherhood and parenting.

Big Big Big Hug, Hugging Event
A hugging event, just because. May 28th 2011 at 6pm at the Fringe Festival.

Yestermorrow, Founder
Children’s clothing line featuring vintage, repurposed and reassembled fabrics.

Julie’s Art
Julie finds creative expression through graphic design, amateur photography and intuitive painting.

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