julie norris

embody the change that wants to emerge


Julie Norris is the visionary behind Dandelion Communitea Cafe, a casual organic cafe founded in 2006 in Orlando, Florida. Dandelion is a beloved gathering place serving wholesome organic food whose focus on cultivating authentic community helped birth the now robust localist movement throughout Central Florida. 

Her primary focus is on cultivating empowered community. As a localist advocate, she serves on the advisory board of Edible Orlando, is co-founder of the OurLando localist movement, the voice of a popular weekly talk show on WPRK 91.5 FM called Front Porch Radio, and a regular contributor to several local publications. She is a BALLE enthusiast and Slow Money advocate. She considers herself an activist entrepreneur and utilizes the mechanism of business to create positive social change in our community. Julie regularly consults for entrepreneurs and non-profits and is a frequent panelist and guest lecturer. She is also a mother, urban homesteader and permaculture enthusiast. 

She dives deeply into topics that interest her and has an unique understanding of small business, local food & economies, birth & parenting, health & wellness, community and how things work. She is a writer, radio personality, social entrepreneur, visual artist, frequent speaker & guest lecturer on everything from Ecstatic Birth to Local Food to Small Business to Flexitarianism.


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